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Universities recognised in UK’s Best Breakthroughs list

The global impact of research carried out at the Universities of Abertay, Dundee and St Andrews has been recognised.

6 December 2018Awards

Whales use the sonic equivalent of a flashlight to focus in on prey

A new study reveals that whales, dolphins and porpoises use narrow beams of high intensity sound to echolocate prey.

15 November 2018Research

$10 million vote of confidence in St Andrews University vision

The University has secured an unprecedented $10 million gift from the parents of one of its former students.

1 November 2018Fundraising

University’s leading role in post-Brexit marine science

UK influence on European marine science agenda after Brexit is critical to ensuring we remain at the forefront of international research.

12 March 2018Research

Seal of approval for major marine lab

Wolfson Foundation gives £500,000 boost to new Gatty Marine facility

11 July 2016Research

‘Black box’ technology reveals the secret lives of sharks

Researchers at the University of St Andrews are using 'black box' technology to reveal the hunting secrets of sharks.

11 June 2015Research

Secret of the great white shark revealed

Warm-bodied fish are quicker in the water

21 April 2015University news

Key to survival for world’s most bizarre fish

What may be the last habitat of one of the world’s most bizarre fish has been highlighted by a researcher at the University of St Andrews.

10 April 2015Research

Ghosts in the genomes

Ghosts in the genomes

29 October 2014Research