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Research Excellence Framework 2014 results

Research Excellence Framework 2014 places St Andrews top in Scotland.

18 December 2014Research

Fish tags create dinner bell effect

Research find seals ‘eavesdrop’ on scientific fish tags for dinner

19 November 2014Research

New tool to assess noise impact on marine mammals

New tool to assess noise impact on marine mammals

21 August 2014Research

Putting the wind in their seals

Seal foraging patterns show offshore wind farms can be fertile feeding ground

21 July 2014Research

Computerised “mug-shots” provide a “who’s who?” of seals

New tool for identifying seals reveals the secrets of individual females.

14 December 2012Research

Seals gamble with their pups’ futures

Some seal mothers take a flexible approach to parenting.

21 November 2012Research

Deadly diving: how bubbles can drive marine mammals round ‘the bends’

A new study has found that whales and seals could suffer from the same sickness experienced by human divers.

21 December 2011Research

Maternal behaviour in marine mammals

How different personalities affect parenting skills in seals.

23 November 2011Research

Rehab works, it’s official

RSPCA seal recovery programme hailed a success.

1 November 2011Research

Mystery seal deaths ’caused by boats’

‘Corkscrew killer’ not sharks but boats say experts.

26 October 2010Research