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Dolphins spotted again off Scottish coast

Bottlenose dolphins have been seen in the Tay Estuary area and off the Fife coast by a surveying team from the University of St Andrews.

3 July 2020Research

New sonar still deters sperm whales feeding

New sonar technology is as disruptive to sperm whales as existing sonar technology.

8 April 2020Research

Scientists develop new method to estimate seal breeding frequency

SMRU has developed a new method to better record breeding histories of seals, allowing for improved fecundity calculations.

21 November 2019Research

First Minister opens new Scottish Oceans Institute

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon officially opens the new Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI) building, a global hub for marine research.

30 September 2019University news

Sea Symphonies: Whale songs of the South Pacific

World-leading whale researchers take part in a new exhibition at Dundee Science Centre, where visitors can recreate and record whale songs.

26 September 2019Community

Marking 40 years of the Sea Mammal Research Unit

The world famous Sea Mammal Research Unit has issued a special collection of research papers to mark its 40th anniversary.

6 September 2019University news

Oxytocin linked to growth in seal pups

Grey seal pups with naturally high oxytocin levels gain more mass before weaning, without increasing the amount they are fed.

4 September 2019Research

St Andrews professors honoured

Three University professors are recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

7 June 2019Awards

Understanding the rich social lives of animals benefits international conservation efforts

International researchers argue that animals’ cultural knowledge should be considered when planning international conservation efforts.

26 February 2019Research

Picky dolphins are choosy about their friends

Dolphins are picky about who they are friends with and shun rival groups, new SMRU research has found.

18 December 2018Research