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Banned toxins passed from mother to young in European dolphins

Dolphins in the northern Adriatic contain high levels of toxic chemicals and are passing them to their young.

10 December 2018Research

Whales use the sonic equivalent of a flashlight to focus in on prey

A new study reveals that whales, dolphins and porpoises use narrow beams of high intensity sound to echolocate prey.

15 November 2018Research

New research to predict how global sea levels will rise

Major research grant will study Antarctic glacier.

30 April 2018Research

Navy efforts to protect whales have limited effect

Whales remain at risk from sonar sounds

16 November 2017Research

New book reveals the fascinating life of whales

Insights into the sea mammals published by Natural History Museum

21 July 2017Research

Research into seal population decline takes centre stage at World Mobile Congress

Sea Mammal Research Unit at the cutting edge of technology

27 February 2017Research

St Andrews scientist awarded Polar Medal

Former director of SMRU recognised for his research on the ecology of seals

21 February 2017Awards

Protected seals avoid offshore windfarms during pile driving activities

Important implications for the offshore windfarm industry

23 May 2016Research

Sealing the bonds between mother and child

Scientists uncover important role of hormones in mother-child bond

4 March 2016Research

New £10m marine lab for St Andrews

University development will provide global hub for marine research and conservation

7 January 2016Research