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Dolphin diaries

CAPTION: A Chilean dolphin, copyright Sonja Heinrich.

What Ahab never saw

The University of St Andrews Sea Mammal Research Unit will showcase some of its most exciting and cutting-edge research next week at a prestigious event highlighting the best of British science.

Protecting the protected

Marine biologists are to launch a new study into ways of protecting two protected species in Scotland - one of which feeds on the other.

Seals phone home

Seals are to be given mobile phone technology to "phone home" new insights into their whereabouts, feeding and behaviour.

Sea water improvement plan

£300,000 worth of works to improve the sea water quality at the University of St Andrews' Sea Mammal Research Unit are to commence next week (w/c 10 June 2002).

Biologists share multi-million dollar funding

Scotland's marine biologists have been awarded a share of a $5 million international grant to develop new instruments for collecting information about marine mammals and create digital databases on the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life throughout the world.