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Close encounters

Is there life on HD164595b? The news that Russian scientists observed an unexplained ‘strong signal’ from a star just 95 light years away has piqued the interest of scientists and would-be alien hunters worldwide. Dr Alan Penny, an Honorary Reader at the School of Physics and Astronomy and Co-ordinator of the UK’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research Network, […]

5 September 2016Public interest stories

Astronomers map a record-breaking 1.2 million galaxies

Galaxies map allows scientists to measure the expansion of the Universe

14 July 2016Research

Newborn planet solves 20 year puzzle

2 million year old ‘Hot Jupiter’ discovered by international team

21 June 2016Research

Supermassive black holes cause galactic warming

St Andrews astronomer helps solve billion-year-old mystery

25 May 2016Research

New laboratory promises insights into evolution of Earth and life

New facilities position St Andrews at the forefront of isotope geochemistry.

4 March 2016Research

The bright star of dark energy

Dr Rita Tojeiro named Women in Science Award winner

26 June 2015Awards

NASA’s chief scientist to speak at St Andrews

Curiosity's mission of exploration at Gale Crater, Mars

26 September 2014Public interest stories

The search for Alien life: have we been doing it wrong?

Major discovery could help with search for Alien life

12 September 2014Research

Astronaut finds signs of intelligent life in Fife

NASA engineer shows the way from Buckhaven High School, and beyond!

10 June 2014Local community

20 seconds that changed our understanding of the Solar System

Surprise discovery of double-ring system around asteroid-like body.

26 March 2014Research