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Enthusiasm for evil

Decade-long study shows perpetrators are not simply programmed to obey.

21 November 2012Research

Why crowds are good for you

Participation is important for well-being, according to scientists.

18 October 2012Research

I predict a riot

"Mad Mobs & Englishmen": Prof Steve Reicher presents...

5 December 2011University news

New book reveals the myths and realities of the English riots this year

Experts in crowd behaviour say August riots were not mindless criminality.

18 November 2011Public interest stories

The New Psychology underlying the G20 Policing Report

`Respect crowds more, fear crowds less' say leading experts.

27 November 2009Government

Stereotyping success

Why the power of stereotypes can cause poor performance.

22 April 2008Research

The secrets of leadership

New research at St Andrews finds that leaders are most effective when they transform themselves into 'one of us'.

20 August 2007Research

The greatest show on earth

CAPTION: Just some of the images taken during the Mela by Professor Steve Reicher.

2 February 2007Research

The psychology of tyranny

Ground-breaking research by psychologists at the Universities of St Andrews and Exeter has far reaching implications for the way groups function to create and resist tyranny.

2 October 2005Research