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Researchers call for open and respectful debate around Stanford Prison Experiment

Professor Steve Reicher is one of the world’s leading social psychologists who have called for an open and respectful debate over the SPE.

28 August 2018Research

Explaining Trump’s appeal

New book predicted the success of the new US President

10 November 2016Public interest stories

The Olympics are good for your health

New research finds a sense of well-being after sporting success

22 August 2016Sport

Leading psychologists explain the principles underlying Ranieri’s success

Leicester City’s Premier League football success shows good leadership, according to the University of St Andrews psychological research.

4 May 2016Research

Understanding the appeal of ISIS

A new analysis of how ordinary people become terrorists.

30 March 2016Research

Don’t sweat it

Scientists discover why people are sometimes less offended by body odour

22 February 2016Research

Out of group, out of mind

New study finds basic mental processes at the root of troubles between groups

5 December 2013Research

‘The greatest show on earth’

Why Hindu festival has surprising lessons for us all

17 January 2013Research

‘The greatest show on earth’ has surprising lessons for us all

Researchers to unveil findings in the new year.

19 December 2012Research