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Revolutionary app to help people quit smoking

“Mobile health buddy” for smokers

13 June 2016Public interest stories

Mobile phone app helps to predict success of IVF

Application will allow women to make informed decisions.

28 December 2011Research

Predicting chances of pregnancy could become more accurate

New study reveals average hormone levels.

8 August 2011University news

The birth of the biological clock

Scientists work out ovarian reserve from conception to menopause

26 January 2010Research

New fertility hopes for former cancer patients

UK doctors have developed a way of predicting how long a woman who has been treated with radiation therapy will be fertile, ending uncertainty about the chances of motherhood for many childhood cancer patients.

30 June 2005Research

Time no longer running out for ‘biological clock’

A computer scientist at the University of Andrews has developed a ground-breaking formula for working out when a woman's 'biological clock' is likely to stop ticking.

16 June 2004Research