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£5 million to train next generation of environmental scientists

IAPETUS Doctoral Training Partnership awarded funding for scholarships

8 November 2013Research

Digging up the past

Vase-shaped creatures found in Namibian desert may be our earliest ancestors.

8 February 2012Research

Snowball earth proof in Scottish-irish rocks

Researchers have discovered evidence for an ancient glaciation in old Caledonian rocks - a previously undiscovered finding which indicates that the planet froze over during the 'Snowball Earth' period nearly 700 million years ago.

27 November 2006Research

Unravelling Tolkien’s map

How were the dramatic landscapes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy formed?

11 March 2005Research

Life reached land a billion years ago

A University of St Andrews scientist has discovered that life colonised the land more than a billion years ago, far earlier than previously thought.

9 September 2002Research

Melting the snowball earth theory

Geoscientists in Scotland have found evidence against the controversial theory that the Earth was completely frozen for periods of many millions of years.

6 March 2002Research