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Light speed hurdle to invisibility cloak overcome by student

An undergraduate student from the University of St Andrews has overcome a major hurdle in the development of invisibility cloaks.

9 August 2011Public interest stories

‘Invisibility’ two years away

Physicist at St Andrews aims to turn sci-fi into reality.

20 August 2009Research

The art of invisibility and the perfect cat’s eye

Scientists have developed the perfect cat's eye using transformation optics.

30 June 2009Research

Black holes not black after all

International scientists have used flowing water to simulate a black hole, testing Stephen Hawking's theory that black holes are not black after all.

12 May 2008Research

Black holes made of light

'Milestone' development may allow researchers to test Professor Stephen Hawking's radiation theory.

6 March 2008Research

Scientist float levitation theory

St Andrews physicists have discovered a new way of levitating tiny objects.

6 August 2007Research

Physicist named top 50 in the world

Professor Ulf Leonhardt, recipient of a Scientific American 50 award.

7 November 2006Awards