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Why war is a man’s game

The near absence of women from the battlefield throughout history could ultimately all be down to chance, say St Andrews researchers.

15 August 2018Research

Families at war

The struggle between maternal and paternal genes is real, say researchers

22 February 2017Research

Chemists against chemical weapons

Professor David Cole-Hamilton leads international call for responsible science

21 April 2015Public interest stories

St Andrews to remember the fallen

London Christmas Service to mark WW1 centenary

11 November 2014University news

St Andrews hosts Congo emergency summit

Leading experts head to St Andrews to debate what can be done.

29 March 2013Research

Chariots of Fire producer returns to St Andrews

Lord Puttnam to deliver public lecture on the effects of war and violence.

12 March 2012University news

The destruction of Dresden is an icon of war-trauma, concludes new book

University of St Andrews academic investigates why bombing remains in public memory.

13 February 2012Research

Turning conflict into creation

International poetry conference seeks to explore poetry in conflict.

10 March 2010University news

Remembering in the 21st century

Importance of 'digital memorials' highlighted by researcher.

10 November 2009Research

Teenage peace maker’s insight into war zone

A 16-year old peace maker, who has fought against landmines in Colombia since he was 10 years old, is to give a public lecture at the University of St Andrews next week (Wednesday 15 May 2002).

8 May 2002University news