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Analysing effects of underwater noise on sperm whales

Dr Patrick Miller and colleagues have undertaken deep-sea research.

7 May 2009Research

Bottlenose whale sightings

Young scientists investigate rare Icelandic whale sighting.

22 September 2008Research

Dream whale trip on offer

One lucky young person can win a trip around Madeira.

29 April 2008Research

Drifting off to sleep

University researchers reveal a novel drifting behaviour in sperm whales.

20 February 2008Research

Royal showcase for sea mammal research

University of St Andrews scientists have been chosen to showcase their research at a Buckingham Palace 'Science Day'.

8 August 2006Public interest stories

Looking for Leviathans

Ever wondered how scientists estimate the number of whales and other deep sea life, or the reality behind stories of sea monsters?

31 July 2005Research

What Ahab never saw

The University of St Andrews Sea Mammal Research Unit will showcase some of its most exciting and cutting-edge research next week at a prestigious event highlighting the best of British science.

28 June 2005Research

Major survey of whales, dolphins and porpoises

Ships and aircraft will take to European waters next month as part of the largest ever international survey of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

27 June 2005Research

Sea serpent’s sexy secret

CAPTION: The original sketch of the famous 1734 sighting of a 'most dreadful monster'.

4 April 2005Research

Call of the whales

CAPTION: A transient killer whale. CREDIT: Volker Deecke.

14 December 2004Research