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Climate change affects whales

Scientists record one-month shift in seasonal migration over 30 years

7 April 2015Research

Whaling: Poles apart

New exhibition sheds light on changing attitudes to whaling

26 March 2015Research

Marine scientists win over £190,000 funding

Innovative marine conservation recognised with prestigious Fellowship Awards

24 February 2015Research

Low levels of sonar trigger strong behavioural responses in beaked whales

New research finds Cuvier’s beaked whales respond strongly.

3 July 2013Research

Whales able to learn from others

Humpbacks pass on hunting tips.

25 April 2013Research

Monitoring marine mammals

Novel Scottish technology for renewable energy sector launched in St Andrews.

24 September 2012Research

Deadly diving: how bubbles can drive marine mammals round ‘the bends’

A new study has found that whales and seals could suffer from the same sickness experienced by human divers.

21 December 2011Research

Public urged to help solve mystery of whale calls

Scientists at the University of St Andrews are asking the public to help them solve the mystery of the way whales communicate.

29 November 2011Public interest stories

Queen’s award for leading Scottish research unit

The University of St Andrews has been awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize in recognition of the work of a world-leading research unit which is helping to further understanding and protection of the oceans.

24 November 2011Awards

Whales ‘scared’ by sonars

But scientists say it's not just sonars that could cause problems for whales.

16 March 2011Research