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New study calls for better information on changes in wild animal populations

Technology and citizen science can boost biodiversity monitoring

22 August 2017Research

Estimating animal populations from camera trap surveys

New analytical methods to estimate the size of wild animal populations from a distance

10 May 2017Research

Dolphin population will take 40 years to recover from Deepwater Horizon disaster

New international study highlights ongoing damage to marine mammals

13 February 2017Research

Slow path to recovery for New Zealand ‘Right Whales’

Research suggests it will take at least 60 years before whale population is restored.

16 March 2016Research

Protecting marine mammals at heart of new guidance for marine energy sector

Risk to dolphins and seals from tidal energy developments to be assessed

10 August 2015Research

African vultures declining at a critical rate

An international team of researchers, including leading scientists from the University of St Andrews, say African vultures are heading towards extinction

18 June 2015Research

Research helps support Indian Ocean sanctuary

Paper published today provides vital evidence to support delicate community partnership.

25 May 2015Research

Scientists discover noise pollution effects on shellfish

New study suggests man-made noise in the oceans may have significant damaging effects on shellfish populations

3 October 2013Research

Computerised “mug-shots” provide a “who’s who?” of seals

New tool for identifying seals reveals the secrets of individual females.

14 December 2012Research

Monitoring marine mammals

Novel Scottish technology for renewable energy sector launched in St Andrews.

24 September 2012Research