BBC science presenter to deliver lecture

Thursday 13 December 2007

BBC science presenter Dr Iain Stewart will arrive in St Andrews tomorrow (Friday 14 December) to deliver the first Public Christmas Lecture organised by the University’s School of Geography and Geosciences.

The lecture series is aimed at school pupils and teachers as well as University students and staff.  Iain, presenter of the BBC2 series Earth: The Power of the Planet,  will talk on the linkage of geology and culture.

Iain, a graduate of the Universities of Strathclyde and Bristol, was the first geologist (and Scot) to be invited to join the science team of the popular BBC2 programme Rough Science.  Since he joined them in 2003, Iain’s own geological research has featured in two BBC Horizon specials Helike: The Real Atlantis and Earthquake Storms.

The 2007 Geography & Geosciences Public Christmas Lecture, Unnatural Hazards: journeys into cultural geology by Dr Iain Stewart (University of Plymouth) will take place on Friday December 14 2007 at 12 – 1pm at Lecture Theatre A, Purdie Building, North Haugh, St Andrews.

For more information, contact Ruth Robinson on [email protected]  

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