Can Do launch

Friday 16 October 2020

The Assistant Vice-Principal (Provost), Students’ Association President, Director of Student Development and Activities, and Director of Events and Services have today emailed students and staff to launch the Can Do Initiative.

Dear students and staff

Today we are launching our Can Do initiative, supporting you to attend and develop educational and extracurricular activities in a safe way.

You now have access to:

  • A calendar of Can Do events
  • A Can Do guide and application form for submitting your own event proposals
  • Free, bookable spaces within the Can Do Marquee on Lower College Lawn
  • Our relaunched Find Space app to help you identify space to study

We are conscious of how the global pandemic is affecting our wellbeing. We have all become accustomed to new rules about what we can’t do, isolation has become a global theme, and many of us will be missing the everyday connections we had previously taken for granted.

However, this is a historic and exciting time to be part of the St Andrews community. Never before have we had such an opportunity to reimagine our traditions, change our culture, and challenge ourselves to do more differently.

The Can Do spirit is about recognising community as an important way of learning, and finding ways to share experiences and see each other. The resources we have made available are there to help you to show up, engage with each other, and create meaningful bonds.

Make things happen  

The calendar of Can Do events scheduled for Independent Learning Week is intended as a launch pad and a source of inspiration. These events include:

  • Free, daily, group exercise classes
  • A community action day – developing citizenship through volunteering
  • Creative workshops
  • Information sessions
  • Cocktails in the Quad

This gives a taste of the range of what’s possible, but if you have an idea for an event you wish was on the list we want to hear from you. An application form is now available to help you access the resources and support you might need. 

Share the dates  

Can Do events are designed to bring people together safely. They present an opportunity to get to know each other, start creative conversations about what you would like to do, and to reach out and check in on others.

The success of this initiative will rely on you developing your creativity, empathy and confidence. Challenge yourself to try something new. Invite someone to join you. Turn acquaintances into lifelong friends, and turn University events into meaningful memories.

We Can Do more together

What we can do as individuals is very limited, and you should continue to follow the Covid Code. But what we can do together, where the University provides oversight, risk assessments, cleaning regimes, and track-and-trace support, is much greater.

Our collective strength is also demonstrated by the fact that the Can Do initiative has been made possible thanks to donations from alumni and supporters to our Covid Appeal Fund.

As leaders of the Can Do team we look forward to meeting you at Can Do events, hearing your ideas, and proving the transformative power of community events.

Show us what you can do

Dr Monique L Mackenzie
Assistant Vice-Principal (Provost)

Dan Marshall
Students’ Association President

Gavin Sandford
Director of Student Development and Activities

Tom Groves
Director of Events and Services

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