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Monday 6 September 2010

Academics at the University of St Andrews are hosting a conference in honour of one of their own.

Scholars of Divinity will this week (6-8 September) celebrate the writing of Professor David Brown in the event ‘Theology, Aesthetics and Culture’.

The event will investigate in detail the five major volumes published by Brown, Wardlaw Professor of Theology, Aesthetics, and Culture at the University.

Sessions will closely look at each piece of work – Tradition and Imagination, Discipleship and Imagination, God and Enchantment of Place, God and Grace of Body and God and Mystery in Words – in which Professor Brown explores various artistic contributions both within the Christian tradition and outside the Church.

Together the five volumes offer an account of divine revelation and an experience of God through culture and the arts.

The event is hosted by the School’s Institute for Theology Imagination & the Arts (ITIA).


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