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Friday 24 July 2015

Did you know that you can study towards a Master of Arts Degree on a part-time basis attending classes delivered entirely in the evening and taught by some of our leading academic staff?

The evening degree is a flexible programme that will enable you to study subjects in areas of particular interest to you, and to progress at your preferred pace. There is a wide range of subjects to choose from including Management, Biology (Human and Environmental), Psychology, IT, Maths, Geography and Geology, English, History (Scottish and Modern), Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Music and Art History.

You can complete an evening degree in nine years if you complete one module per semester, or in four and a half years if you complete two modules per semester. It is possible to complete the evening degree in fewer than four years if you are given transferred credit for previously completed qualifications.

For each module you are taking, you will be expected to spend one evening in St Andrews and around 8 to 12 hours studying independently per week. Many students choose to study two modules per semester, which means that they spend two evenings in St Andrews and up to 24 hours studying per week.

You can enrol for a full degree programme or choose to take one off standalone modules as part of your professional development. What’s more anyone who has a personal income under £25,000 per annum may be eligible to apply to the Student Award Agency Scotland for full fee funding.

If you, or any friends or family members would be interested in finding out more about the programme, please email [email protected]

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