Gateway lights the way

Wednesday 1 April 2009

The Gateway, the distinctive circular construction which greets visitors on their entrance to St Andrews, has switched to a more eco-friendly method of lighting.

Traditional, inefficient floodlights have been replaced with modern Light Emitting Diode (LED) units that not only save energy but also provide an array of colours.

Bob Watson, the University’s Electrical Services Engineer commented, “This exciting innovation shows how much technology can help us to reduce energy consumption while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing lighting theme.

“This initiative is just one of a programme of energy efficiency improvement that is designed to help the University to play its part in tackling climate change.”

The new fittings will only use 150 watts of energy in comparison to the 2.9 kilowatts that was required for the old floodlight system.

Savings will come from this reduced energy usage as well as in maintenance reduction as the LEDs should not need changing for at least five years. The lights will be on from dusk until 1am only.

The new LED system can allow the light to be adjusted across a rainbow of colours at the flick of a button.

Environment and Energy Manager, Dr Roddy Yarr, said, “Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the University¿s efforts to reduce energy consumption, the Gateway Building can now claim to have slashed its electrical energy use at a stroke and at the same time still remain a beacon of welcoming light to greet visitors into the town and the University.”

The Gateway building, which is home to the School of Management, joined iconic buildings throughout the world last weekend in turning off its lights for ‘Earth Hour’.

For one hour on Saturday night, the floodlights at St Salvator’s Chapel and Tower and those at the landmark Gateway building were switched off to raise awareness into the impact of climate change.



Dr Roddy Yarr is available for interview on Telephone: 01334 3995 or Email: [email protected]




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