Leading cancer experts gather in St Andrews

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Twenty five leading cancer experts will gather in St Andrews this week for a unique international conference on the subject.

Organisers at the University of St Andrews hope the event will enhance communication between scientists and clinicians to open up new avenues for research.

The group of top cancer researchers and clinical oncologists from the USA, Italy, Canada and the UK will take part in The Cancer Colloquium, hosted by the University’s School of Medicine.

Over the course of four days (18th-21st February 2014), the group will discuss “The Hippo Pathway and Cancer”. The Hippo signalling pathway is involved in fundamental cellular processes including the control of organ size, growth, cellular survival and, ultimately, cancer.

Each of the participants at the Colloquium has made an important contribution in the understanding of how this pathway works.  It is hoped that the St Andrews event will aid developments in this fast-moving area, that will ultimately benefit cancer patients.

Dr Paul Reynolds, a key cancer researcher at St Andrews, said, “The Colloquium provides an excellent opportunity to explore how we can translate basic scientific findings into therapeutic interventions for cancer patients and to increase understanding of the disease processes in cancer to address unmet clinical needs.”

The participants will be welcomed by the University’s Principal, Professor Louise Richardson and the Dean of Medicine, Professor Hugh MacDougall.



Dr Paul Reynolds is a local participant in CASyM (Coordinating Action Systems Medicine), a multidisciplinary European consortium funded by the EU.

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