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Sound and vision – the future of drug discovery

A marriage of sound and light could hold the key to diagnosis of the early stages of various diseases, including cancer.

12 February 2019Research

Cancer drug may cause women to grow new eggs

Study suggests our understanding of the biological clock may be wrong

6 December 2016Research

Boost for bladder cancer detection

£500k funding for diagnosis and treatment technology

20 July 2016Research

Laser cells offer ray of hope for understanding cancer

Researchers successfully feed cells microlasers to track their movements.

22 July 2015Research

Partnership to develop commercial applications for healthcare

Medical research into cancer and Alzheimer’s

26 March 2015Research

Leading cancer experts gather in St Andrews

‘Hippo pathway’ opens up new avenues in research

18 February 2014Research

Neurologist ensures lasting human memory

Dr Bryan Ashworth leaves legacy to support medical research.

25 March 2013Research

Halo of prostate cancer cells holds key to diagnosing disease

Simple test could improve accuracy.

12 February 2013Research

Sea urchins could contain the genetic key to curing some diseases

Creatures including sea urchins and sponges discovered to have special genetic code.

6 July 2012Research