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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Top ten reasons to love the library

Every St Andrews student is automatically made a member of the University Library. We crowd-sourced the top ten reasons why this should make our ‪#‎FreshSaints happy.

1. It’s warm and cosy! (Kathryn McGregor on Facebook)
2. The library has a superb atmosphere, even when it is not quiet (Paul Chennell on Facebook)
3. The fourth floor has an amazing view (Aisha Tahira on Twitter)
4. It is the heart of a university (Jasper Fontaine on Facebook)
5. You can take out DVDs for free (anon.)
6. Love Special Collections (IIse Rosielle on Facebook)
7. The collection is of course wonderful and intriguing (Paul Chennell on Facebook)
8. “A place where mind can feed with energy of life and love.” (Nazmul Chowdry on Facebook)
9. Free wall planners!
10. “A library is a meeting place as well as a learning place.”– as Hannah Arentz on facebook told us. “A cleaning lady at the Library in my first year (1984-5) made it her mission to bring up in conversation her son’s death due to inhaling vomit when drunk in Freshers’ Week (at a different Scottish university). Was shocked but never forgot. How many lives indirectly saved?! Have personally put passed out people into recovery position, but have also told this tale many times (in assemblies, I am a teacher). All the other students she told presumably did the same…”

Head along to the Library for a short introduction and tour. Drop-in sessions run every 20 minutes – explaining services, facilities, and introducing staff. Attendees also get a free gift of the now iconic Library bag, and are entered into a prize draw for an iPad Air 2.

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