Minority languages conference

Monday 7 June 2004

A conference looking at a host of “minority” languages ranging from Scots, Irish and Orcadian to Corsican and Portuguese will take place at the University of St Andrews later this week.

The event – Language Contact and Minority Languages On The Littorals of Western Europe – is being organised by the St Andrews Institute for Language and Linguistic Studies (SAILLS) and will run from 11-13 June 2004.

From a Scottish perspective, papers will include –

“Language use and writing in the Isle of Skye (Scotland and the Connemara Gaeltacht (Ireland) – a comparison”

“The Western Isles Language Plan: action research for reversing language-shift”

“Insular Celtic – linguistic area, genealogical node, or both?”

“Still under the influence? Pre- aspiration phenomena in Western Isles English pronunciation”

“Whit a whassigo aboot the wey wae spaek” (re. Orcadian)

Summaries of papers to be given available from the University press office – please contact Claire Grainger or Gayle Cook for more information – 01334 462529/7227.

Media are also invited to attend the event which will take place – almost entirely – in the Buchanan Building, Union Street, St Andrews.

Professor Tony Lodge of the French department is also available for comment – telephone 01334 463636 or email anthony.lodge@st- andrews.ac.uk.

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