‘Popular crucifixions’

Wednesday 21 March 2007

An internationally renowned theologian will deliver a lecture on the subject of ‘popular crucifixions’ at the University of St Andrews today (Wednesday 21st March 2007).

Professor Marcella Althaus-Reid, Professor of Contextual Theology at the University of Edinburgh, will highlight the increasing phenomenon of Latin Americans crucifying themselves as a means of social protest.

Professor Althaus-Reid, an alumnus of St Andrews, will deliver her address, the third annual Archbishop Romero Lecture, at the University’s Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics (CSRP).

Professor Althaus-Reid is widely published on the subject of liberation theology and its intersections with gender and feminist theory. Her recent books include ‘The Sexual Theologian’ and an edited volume entitled ‘Liberation Theology and Sexuality’.

She studied her first degree at ISEDET, in Buenos Aires, a world- famous centre for the study of liberation theology. In 1994 she received her PhD from St Andrews. She has also worked on church- supported social and community projects in deprived areas of Dundee and Perth.

Professor Althaus-Reid’s speech will be entitled “Popular Crucifixions: Reflections on a 21st Century Liberation Theology.”

Professor Mario Aguilar, director of the CSRP, said, “Professor Althaus-Reid is one of the foremost liberation theologians who attracts thousands when she speaks all over the world. She has honoured us and the memory of bishop Romero by agreeing to deliver the Romero lecture at her Alma Mater in between many international commitments”.

“She will explore why people are crucifying themselves in protest against the consequences of neo- liberalism and globalisation in Latin America, where there is an increased centrality of the markets and a de-humanization process due to economic commitments to world economies bodies such as the IMF and the World Bank.”

The Archbishop Romero Lecture series was inaugurated in 2005 to mark the 25th anniversary of the assassination of the Salvadoran Archbishop, who was killed while celebrating mass on 25th March 1980 after years of defending the poor and the politically persecuted of El Salvador. His figure became central to the religious and cultural identity of Latin America and his statue in Westminster Abbey sits alongside other great figures of the 20th Century.

“Popular Crucifixions,” the third annual Oscar Romero Memorial Lecture by Professor Marcella Althaus-Reid, will take place in the Senior Common Room in St Mary’s College on South Street on Wednesday 21 March at 5.15 pm, and is open to the public.



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