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Wednesday 5 March 2003

In support of National Science Week (beginning Friday 7th March, 2003), the University of St Andrew’s School of Psychology will once again open its doors to the public this weekend.

On Saturday (8th March), the School will host “The Psychology of Everyday Life: Part Trois” – a series of talks, interactive displays and experiments.

Undergraduates, postgraduates and members of staff will contribute to a selection of interactive displays and talks to provide some insights into the role that psychology plays in the twenty- first century.

Paul Gardner, Senior Teaching Fellow and Event Organiser, said:

“This is an opportunity for young and old alike to meet and talk to scientists currently engaged in research that seeks to deepen our understanding of people and society today”.

Head of School, Professor Verity Brown and Duncan Groves will present some of their current research in understanding attention in our everyday experiences, whilst undergraduates and postgraduates will provide some hands-on experiments to demonstrate a variety of psychological phenomena.

National Science Week, which is co- ordinated by the BA (the British Association for the Advancement of Science), aims to celebrate science and its importance to our lives. Events are held all over the UK in order to give people from all areas the chance to participate in science activities and experiments and to engage in science discussions in their local area.

“The Psychology of Everyday Life: Part Trois” takes place on Saturday 8th March, from 10.00am to 4.00pm, in Lower Parliament Hall, South Street. The event is open to the public.

Anyone interested in attending may turn up on the day but if you would like more information contact the School of Psychology 01334 462071 or email [email protected]

Further information is also available at

For further information on National Science Week:


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