Rapid Prototyping Centre opening

Wednesday 22 November 2023

University of St Andrews Quaestor and Factor (COO) Derek Watson MBE today officially opened the Rapid Prototyping Centre (RPC) at Eden Campus (Wednesday 22 November 2023).

The aim of the RPC is to foster academic and industrial collaborations in and around Fife and beyond and to provide a solid place to build a highly skilled workforce enabling individuals to develop latest technical skills in sustainable design and manufacturing.

The Centre is available by appointment to all staff and students within the University, entrepreneurs, and local businesses looking to turn their ideas into prototypes, products, or services.

With the latest 3D modelling and computer aided design (CAD) software, electromechanical engineering tools, additive printing technology and laser cutting facilities and machines, the space will enable innovators to design, build and test prototypes of their inventions.

Mr Watson, Chief Executive Officer of St Andrews Innovation, said:

“A makers’ space, workshop, rapid prototyping centre has been in our aspirations for some time.  It’s a place where innovators can get advice, and access to experts with equipment and facilities to make, fettle, adjust, create physically, devices or designs to enable their inventions to become real.

“The Rapid Prototyping Centre will establish itself as an innovation hub.

“We do need to be part of a collaborative and innovative ecosystem, bringing experts together for our collective benefit.  We also want to have real world impact, playing an active part in the development of new product lines.”

A group of people stand in the background. In the foreground a man with his back to the camera points at a large machine in an explanatory manner.

Jens Kellner, Rapid Prototyping Centre general manager, said:

“We are looking forward to working with staff, students and industry professionals to turn their ideas into reality.

“We want to help them accelerate their innovation process. So if there is an idea out there, come and talk to us.”

Anyone wanting to find out more should contact Rapid Prototyping Centre General Manager Jens Kellner [email protected]


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