Science specs appeal

Tuesday 8 February 2005

Science pupils from Kirkcaldy High School visited the Schools of Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the University of St Andrews last week.

Lecturers were on hand to show the visitors how to use state-of-the- art microscopes and how to deceive their eyes with optical illusions, spinning chairs and peculiar lenses. In physics, S2 pupils constructed electronic bagpipes and heard about the science of music and the formation of planets, while S4 pupils explored optical communications, lasers, remote sensing and the formation of stars. In chemistry, S2 students carried out a range of experiments, the most popular of which was making coloured “slime”! S4 students spent their time in the laboratory making aspirin and paracetamol or extracting caffeine from tea or iron from cornflakes.

Kirkcaldy High School already has strong links with the University. As part of the Working Together To Improve initiative, 25 of their S3 pupils are working closely with St Andrews students on individual projects, aimed at enhancing their study skills.

Thought to be the first of its kind in Scotland, the pilot project aims to raise Kirkcaldy High School pupils’ aspirations to enter higher education on leaving school.


Issued by Beattie Media On behalf of the University of St Andrews For more information, contact Claire Grainger, Press Officer – 01334 462530 or 07730 415 015.

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