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Ignorance would be bliss: the family ties that grind

The ability to recognise relatives can make life more dangerous for the female of the species, new research has shown.

25 May 2020Research

Climate change impact greater on marine systems

New international research reveals warming in temperate regions leads to species gains at sea, but not on land.

4 May 2020Research

Nest-building style reflects birds’ early experience

How birds build their first nest depends on the environment in which they grew up, according to new research from St Andrews.

1 May 2020Research

Bats to shine a light on human language

The way bats communicate is to form part of a £1.5m seven-year study to shed light on the evolution of human language.

27 April 2020Research

War creates a ‘boys’ club’

War potentially creates a ‘boys’ club’ where men help each other more than they help women, according to new research at St Andrews.

21 February 2020Research

University awarded over £600k in prestigious research funding

Three researchers from the University of St Andrews have been awarded research funding totalling over £620,000 from the Leverhulme Trust.

31 December 2019Awards

Mapping global biodiversity change

New international research reveals different rates of biodiversity change across the globe.

17 October 2019Research

Wild geese take climate action

Migratory animals are actively adjusting their traditions to climate change, new research has found.

2 September 2019Research

Global Challenges

Students presented their solutions to environmental problems faced by the world as part of St Andrews’ Global Challenges competition.

17 May 2019University news

Half a million pounds awarded to study sustainable food sources and human-health in Africa

Major funding body awards half a million pounds to develop cutting-edge research on fisheries and human-health on Lake Victoria in Africa.

2 April 2019Research