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Grey seal (back) and harbour or common seal (front) which both inhabit European waters (Photo credit: Ron Morris)

Protect marine mammal habitats

An international conservation initiative has identified new Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean.

Bird of prey in flight against a blue sky by Andre Botha, 2015

African raptors in decline

An international team of researchers has found that Africa’s birds of prey are facing an extinction crisis.

New molecule detects viruses

A PhD researcher studying microbes in the human gut has discovered a new molecule that acts as a ‘distress signal’ when viruses are detected.

St Andrews crest

Four they are jolly good fellows

Four St Andrews professors were elected to join the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s 2023 intake of Fellows this week (Wednesday 22 March).

Human impact on biodiversity

St Andrews scientists discover that widespread species increase the number of sites they occupy, whereas more narrowly distributed species decline.

East Neuk to international

A Waid Academy pupil who was finally able to graduate in person this week said studying in St Andrews has been an international experience.

Bat expert scoops award

A leading St Andrews researcher has been recognised in the prestigious 2022 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists.