St Andrews academic awarded Royal Society research fellowship

Friday 19 September 2014

Michael Morrissey
Dr Michael Morrissey, of the University of St Andrews, has been appointed a University Research Fellow by the Royal Society.

Dr Morrissey, a research fellow in the School of Biology, is one of 43 new fellows announced by the society today (Friday 19 September), in a list which includes a wide range of scientists from Universities across the UK.

The fellowships are awarded to those who display an outstanding level of potential in their chosen field, and are expected to develop into industry leaders.

Dr Morrissey, who specialises in evolutionary genetics in wild animals, said:

“I am delighted by the opportunity and support that the Royal Society and its University Research Fellowships scheme for young scientists in the UK will afford me to conduct my research at the University of St Andrews.

“I am excited to be able to continue my work, with my colleagues in St Andrews and collaborators throughout Scotland and elsewhere, on the generation-to-generation mechanics of evolution in the wild.”

The project on which Dr Morrissey is currently working, and that he will continue to work on during his fellowship, is titled ‘A developmental evolutionary quantitative genetic theory’.

The scheme from the Royal Society aims to provide outstanding young scientists with the platform on which to build a successful independent research career. At the end of their fellowships, participants are expected to be strong candidates for permanent positions within their institution, and in other Universities across the UK and internationally.



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