St Andrews joins Turing University Network 

Friday 6 October 2023

 The University of St Andrews has joined the Turing University Network, which brings together leading academic institutions with a shared commitment to advancing research, innovation, skills and engagement in data science and artificial intelligence.  

The Alan Turing Institute is the National Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, founded in 2015 and headquartered at the British Library. The University’s membership has been announced as Turing builds an extended and more inclusive university network which is representative of the wider data science and AI community in the UK. 

In joining the Turing University Network, St Andrews will become part of a national data science and AI community that does not exist elsewhere in the UK.  It will provide access to a vibrant community of researchers, experts, and practitioners, fostering collaborative efforts that can drive significant breakthroughs in both academia and industry. It will strengthen the University’s meaningful connection to both the Institute and the UK-wide data science and AI community, enriching our research in these areas and creating new routes to impact, with a focus on their application for social good. 

Dr Fernando Benitez-Paez (School of Geography and Sustainable Development), is the University’s lead contact for membership of the Turing University Network. Commenting on the announcement, he said, “This is a new step in expanding our research endeavours and providing meaningful ways to promote collaboration, innovation and engagement in the data science and AI fields. Our unique approach, which integrates sustainable and digital as part of our updated strategy, will certainly foster new relationships aiming to address pressing global challenges like climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable planning using data science and AI. By joining this network, we can collectively contribute with a wide range of experts to not only drive meaningful academic breakthroughs but also to develop practical solutions that promote sustainability and social good on a global scale.” 

Professor Tom Brown (Vice Principal Research, Collections and Innovation), added, “I am delighted to see St Andrews join the Turing University Network.  The network will provide a wide range of opportunities for our researchers to develop new collaborations leading to further enhancement of our world leading research in AI and data science.” 

Benefits Include 

  • Research Collaborations 

In joining a UK-wide network which national research mapping exercise laying out the UK data science/AI landscape. We will have the chance to engage in cross-disciplinary collaborations with experts in Data Science and AI from the Turing, other academic institutions and authorities from the private and public sectors.  

We will be able to interact more fluently with the vibrant and diverse community within the network, fostering knowledge exchange and new collaborations. This will provide fresh perspectives and novel approaches to our research initiatives. 

  • Extended Impact 

We will have access tobespoke mechanisms which showcase and promote the University’s data science and AI activity, events and research across the network channels—accelerated research and impact through enhanced cooperation, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries and solutions. Our participation will empower us to respond effectively to the rapidly evolving landscape of AI research, keeping us at the forefront of technological advancements. 

  • Knowledge Sharing, Training & development 

Researchers across the University will have access to participation in Turing schemes and activities, such as Turing Fellowships, Interest Groups, Theory and Method Challenge Fortnights, Data Study Groups, Turing Research Programme calls, meet-ups and workshops. There will be an increased awareness of opportunities for students and early career researchers to participate in Turing schemes, eg PhD enrichment, post-doctoral enrichment, and the Turing Internship Network. 

  • Visibility 

Our institution will benefit from the network’s prestigious reputation, which will increase our visibility and credibility in the National Data Science and AI landscape. We will join other Scottish universities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh to showcase our advancements and contributions in these relevant fields. 

Launch Event 

The St Andrews Turing Network will be hosting its inaugural event, co-organized with The Urban Analytics programme at the Turing, on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 October. Representatives from several leading UK universities will be attending the event, which will focus on Urban Analytics & Sustainable Development. 

Join the St Andrews Turing Network 

For more information and to join the St Andrews Turing Network, please email [email protected]. 

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