Student Rag Week raises £11k

Friday 5 March 2004

The annual student-organised Rag Week, run by the University of St Andrews Charities Campaign, beat its target this year to raise a record £11,424.38.

Rag Week ran from 13th – 20th February, with the most successful single event being the annual Mr St Andrews contest on the 17th, which alone raised over £2k. The school nostalgia night – ‘Behind The Bike Sheds’ – on the 14th saw more than three times as many students pass the doors of the Students’ Association than the average for a Saturday night.

Other events included a Las Vegas night, live music concert, student production of the Vagina Monologues, charity debate, rock night, pub quizzes, street collections, a sponsored waxing and the gunging of Students’ Association personalities.

Much of the money raised will go to the Campaign’s nominated charities – the Breast Cancer Campaign, Maggie’s Centre Fife, Oxfam and the Student Voluntary Service – while the proceeds from specific events will go to the Tibetan Relief Fund and the V-Day movement, which works internationally to prevent violence against women.

Chris Marks, 3rd year Computer Science student and Rag Week Co- ordinator said:

“Rag Week is a true example of how students working together can make something amazing happen. The Rag Week team would truly like to thank everyone who was involved – from the volunteers who helped out to the people who attended the events. Without them we could never have raised such an astounding figure.

“We’re also thankful for the hard work of the tireless staff of the Students’ Association, and the local businesses who showed an unprecedented level of support. We can only hope next year’s Rag Week has even more support and raises an even bigger total.”


Note – Rag Week 2003 raised £10,319.64. The University of St Andrews Charities Campaign is open to all matriculated students and is supported by an annual grant from the Students’ Association, allowing all the money that is raised to go to charity.

For more information, contact Marco Biagi, University of St Andrews Charities Campaign on 0779 949 8145.

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