Students’ end of term recycling effort

Tuesday 23 May 2017

At this time of year students moving out of University residences and private accommodation are clearing out literally tonnes of household items.

Collection points have been set up across the University estate where furniture, clothes, footwear, books, food, sports equipment and other items have been handed in to be redistributed to good causes.

This year the University has teamed up with Resource Efficient Solutions to collect student donations for the local branch of Forces Support, a local foodbank, and the children’s charity Barnardo’s.

Student bedding, which is traditionally landfilled, is being collected for full deconstruction to be made into new products such as stuffing for mattresses and other soft furnishings.

As well as giving to the local community, students leaving this year are also donating their possessions for next year’s intake.

Through the StAndReUse scheme students are able to pass on crockery, pots, pans, small pieces of electrical equipment such as printers and other items for redistribution to students arriving for the new academic year in September.

Barbara Aitken, Environment Officer at the University of St Andrews, said: “The traditional end of term ‘clear- out’ is a huge undertaking requiring careful planning and the involvement of many operational staff, however – in the same token – it also provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to minimise waste, reuse and recycle their unwanted household goods. You literally need to see it to believe it.

“Feedback on the project is very positive and I am extremely proud of our student body and would like to thank them for making such a valuable contribution to both the local community and to their fellow students.”

Photograph shows a typical collection point.

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