Students launch Legacy ’09

Monday 22 June 2009

A new student-run ‘Graduating Class Gift’ initiative launches at the University of St Andrews this week.

The scheme, entitled Legacy ’09, gives graduating students the opportunity to leave a lasting impression of their time in St Andrews, and invest in the future of their alma mater.

Set up and run entirely by students, the Class of 2009 will be the first to be able to give something back to St Andrews, and contribute to both the history and the future of the University.

Graduating students are each being asked to donate a small amount to the ‘gift’, and the money raised will be split between a student-chosen project within the University and an endowment fund.

A popular scheme at Universities in the United States, Legacy ’09 hopes to commemorate the achievements and contributions of the Class of 2009 as well as begin a relationship of giving vital to the future of the University.

Andrew Keenan, President of the Students’ Association said, “The programme means that graduating years can leave their mark on the town in whatever way they choose – be it contributing to a particular building project, a scholarship or bursary or something completely different – and be commemorated many years after they’ve gone.”

This year’s gift will be a scholarship, and in future years graduating classes will have the opportunity to choose a project, fund or cause which is important to them.

For more information about this year’s gift or to make your donation, visit




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