Volcanoes and virtues in ancient Greece

Monday 3 November 2003

St Andrews will this week play host to public talks on two very different aspects of Greek and Roman culture: erupting volcanoes and virtues in Greek tragedy.

Dr John Hesk of the University of St Andrews’ School of Classics and Dr Hazel Dodge of Dublin’s Trinity College, will give lectures at St Leonard’s School on Wednesday afternoon (5th November, 2003).

They are hosted by the Tayside Classical Association and organised by Association secretary Dr Jason König, a lecturer at St Andrews.

Dr Dodge is an expert in Roman archaeology and architecture and is visiting fellow at St Andrews this year. Her many books and articles include (jointly with St Andrews’ Dr Jon Coulston) ‘Ancient Rome: The Archaeology of the Eternal City’. She will give a lecture entitled ‘Pompeii, Pliny and Pyroclastic Flows: The Eruption of Vesusius in AD79’.

Dr Hesk is an expert in classical Greek literature and culture and is the author of ‘Deception and Democracy in Classical Athens’, and a forthcoming book on Sophocles’ ‘Ajax’. His lecture will be on ‘Virtues in Greek Tragedy’.

The Tayside Classical Association Lectures will be held at St Leonards School Auditorium (off South St) on Wednesday 5th November at 2 p.m.- 4 p.m.. Entrance costs £1 per lecture for non-members. All welcome. For directions or further details please contact Dr Jason König by email [email protected]


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