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Consumer spending severely hit by Covid-19

Consumer spending in Great Britain dropped by more than 32 per cent in the run up to the government-imposed lockdown.

29 April 2020Covid-19

New Scottish drug shows promise in battle against Covid-19

A new anti-viral drug developed by University spin out, Pneumagen, has had positive results in laboratory tests against Covid-19.

28 April 2020Covid-19

Remote and rural communities could be hit hardest by Covid-19

Death rates from Covid-19 could be between 50% and 80% higher in rural communities and remote small towns, according to University experts.

23 April 2020Covid-19

The psychology of pandemics

Professor Stephen Reicher discusses the psychologies driving public policy during the coronavirus.

20 April 2020Covid-19

Coronavirus: UK must get real about exit strategy prospects

The UK must get real about coronavirus exit strategy prospects says former government scientific advisor Professor Sir Ian Boyd.

17 April 2020Covid-19

COVID-19 symposium

Professors Garry Taylor and Frank Sullivan took part in a video symposium on COVID-19 with doctors in Beijing and Wuhan.

10 April 2020Covid-19

Spanish Roma, Covid-19 and the inequities of a pandemic

New research highlights that the Spanish Roma (Gitano) community are extremely vulnerable during the current pandemic.

9 April 2020Covid-19

Christianity and the coronavirus

Christianity offers no answers about the coronavirus - it's not supposed to, says Professor N.T. Wright.

3 April 2020Covid-19

Coronavirus and relationships

Avoid breaking point: coronavirus lockdown means developing a ‘new normal’ for relationships, according to Dr Kate Cross.

3 April 2020Covid-19

COVID-19 is a wake-up call for the UK

Government must learn from the current pandemic and make systematic change, according to a former scientific advisor.

2 April 2020Covid-19