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COVID-19 symposium

Professors Garry Taylor and Frank Sullivan took part in a video symposium on COVID-19 with doctors in Beijing and Wuhan.

Woman, man and child cooking in a kitchen

Coronavirus and relationships

Avoid breaking point: coronavirus lockdown means developing a ‘new normal’ for relationships, according to Dr Kate Cross.

COVID-19 is a wake-up call

Government must learn from the current pandemic and make systematic change, according to a former scientific advisor.

The truth about panic

Professor Stephen Reicher from the School of Psychology & Neuroscience writes about panic and human behaviour in a crisis.

Why face masks in an epidemic?

Christos Lynteris from the School of Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies writes about the prevalence of face masks in epidemics.

Dear Fourth Years

In her own words student Lisa Kamsickas details the challenges the graduating year of 2020 have overcome and the spirit of St Andrews.

Covid-19 first hand

On Friday 13 March 2020 the University confirmed that one of its students had contracted coronavirus Covid-19.