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Hobart Earle

Ukraine - Music in Wartime

World-renowned Principal Conductor of the Odesa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Earle, brings his tales of music in wartime Ukraine to St Andrews next week (Wednesday 22 February).

HIR coastal regatta

The inaugural Home International Rowing (HIR) Beach Sprints will be hosted in St Andrews on Saturday 20 August at the East Sands.

Four pianists sit at pianos in the University's Music Centre. Image is black and white.

Relay good piano players

A collective of piano scholars and students will take part in a rare relay performance at the University of St Andrews later this month in a unique musical experience.

Winners from the teaching awards gather on the steps of Lower College Hall

Teaching Excellence Awards 2022

Top teachers at the University of St Andrews have been recognised by colleagues and students at the Teaching Excellence Awards 2022.

A clothes line is strung up between pillars in St Salvator's Quad, and hanging from it are four outfits including a pair of jeans and a dress.

What Were You Wearing?

The University is hosting an exhibition that aims to shatter the myth that sexual assault can be attributed to a person’s choice of clothes.

Violinist Michael Foyle stands against a black background holding a violin. He is wearing a black jumper.

Violin 'surgery sessions’

A leading Scottish violinist is to lend his expertise to local musicians following his upcoming concert at the University of St Andrews. 

A sepia coloured hand-drawn map of Scotland with landmarks painted in red and pink and rivers and forests also shown

Map of Scotland on display

The first map of Scotland detailing the Kingdom of the Scots is on display at the University of St Andrews.