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Fake news feeds on inattention

Research from St Andrews reveals how misinformation producers exploit inattentive readers, who are more likely to click on false news.

Bird of prey in flight against a blue sky by Andre Botha, 2015

African raptors in decline

An international team of researchers has found that Africa’s birds of prey are facing an extinction crisis.

Are we alone in the Universe?

Researchers from St Andrews, Germany and the USA join forces in a European Research Council funded project searching for life-friendly exoplanets..

The Devil Wears Prada

The eyes have it

“You are what you wear” is actually true, according to new research led by the School of Psychology and Neuroscience.

New molecule detects viruses

A PhD researcher studying microbes in the human gut has discovered a new molecule that acts as a ‘distress signal’ when viruses are detected.

St Andrews joins Turing University Network 

 The University of St Andrews has joined the Turing University Network, which brings together leading academic institutions with a shared commitment to advancing research, innovation, skills and engagement in data…