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Ignorance would be bliss: the family ties that grind

The ability to recognise relatives can make life more dangerous for the female of the species, new research has shown.

25 May 2020Research

Fighting TB with light and sound

A UK-wide research team has developed an innovative way to monitor the reaction of living bacteria to antibiotics using lasers and sound.

14 May 2020Research

Climate change impact greater on marine systems

New international research reveals warming in temperate regions leads to species gains at sea, but not on land.

4 May 2020Research

Nest-building style reflects birds’ early experience

How birds build their first nest depends on the environment in which they grew up, according to new research from St Andrews.

1 May 2020Research

Bats to shine a light on human language

The way bats communicate is to form part of a £1.5m seven-year study to shed light on the evolution of human language.

27 April 2020Research

New sonar still deters sperm whales feeding

New sonar technology is as disruptive to sperm whales as existing sonar technology.

8 April 2020Research

Are US businesses under Trump’s Twitter thumb?

President of the United States Donald Trump’s tweets about companies can have a negative impact on their market value.

7 April 2020Research

World’s biggest study of left-handedness

From Leonardo da Vinci to Jimi Hendrix the talents of left-handers have been celebrated across the generations.

2 April 2020Research

Seventeenth-century Mad Men

The 400-year history of newspaper advertisements is the subject of two new books by researchers from the University of St Andrews.

25 March 2020Research

Bass strings hit the high notes

A breakthrough bass string design from a University academic and the Music Centre could revolutionise bass guitar playing.

17 March 2020Research