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Two hands encircling a circle made of paper dolls

Dyslexia linked to mixed-handedness

Researchers from the University of St Andrews have collaborated with a multinational team of researchers from Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK to explore the intriguing connection between hand preference and

World-leading research boost

Two new global research centres (GRCs) at St Andrews will harness the power of interdisciplinary research excellence.

Grant for imaging project

A new project at the University of St Andrews has been selected for a prestigious European Research Council Proof of Concept grant.

Esther Inglis Manuscript

Rare manuscript unveiled

A never-before seen 17th century manuscript by Scottish-based artisan Esther Inglis was unveiled at the University.

A wild New Caledonian crow (Corvus moneduloides) uses a stick tool to dislodge detritus as it searches for invertebrate prey

The code breakers

Cutting-edge machine-learning tools could provide transformative insights into the hidden lives of animals.