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Women in science

A University of St Andrews scientist will return this week from attending a prestigious international conference in Sweden for women scientists.

International marine mammal conference

Almost 20 marine biologists from the University of St Andrews have been invited to attend a prestigious Marine Mammal Conference in Canada this week (beginning Monday 26th November, 2001).

Boost for ‘rubbish’ study

Scottish environmental historians who specialise in the history of pollution and waste have been awarded almost £900,000 to establish a unique international centre for research.

Forecasting space weather

A study by St Andrews solar scientists to establish why one of the most dramatic forms of solar phenomena occurs could lead to a significant contribution to the development of 'space weather forecasts'.

From iron collar to irn-bru

A book hailed as the most definitive record of Scotland's history is claiming to puncture the nation's best-known stereotypes.

Diabetes in Scotland

Does the care and treatment of young diabetics vary depending on geographical and cultural factors?