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Virtual “time travel” recreates 16th century church

A 16th century Scottish church, which played a role in the Scottish Reformation, has been virtually reconstructed by University researchers.

19 July 2019Research

Major grant to create new national database

Professor Colin McCowan will lead an initiative for Health Data Research UK to build a national data resource for 'multimorbidity'.

28 June 2019Research

Grey seals copy human speech and music

Grey seals can copy human speech and songs using the same sound production mechanisms as humans, new research has found.

20 June 2019Research

Unique secret of diving seals revealed

The secret of how seals are able to spend 90 per cent of their lives at sea holding their breath has been revealed.

19 June 2019Research

3D vision breakthrough

Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how human eyes process 3D motion – crucial for hand-eye coordination.

18 June 2019Research

Animals’ cultural lifestyles can influence evolution

Evolutionary adaptations resulting from cultural change, such as humans being able to consume dairy products, are more widespread in nature.

3 June 2019Research

Medieval home of Lords of the Isles reconstructed

Finlaggan, the lost medieval home of the Lords of the Isles, has been reconstructed virtually by experts at the University of St Andrews.

23 May 2019Research

New drug in the fight against cancer

A team of scientists at the University of St Andrews have used a genetic screening approach to investigate a potential new cancer treatment.

21 May 2019Research

Ammonium fertilised early life on Earth

A team of international scientists, led by St Andrews, has demonstrated a new source of food for early life on the planet.

20 May 2019Research

Harsh environments reduce disgust

Levels of disgust drop in just days when people are exposed to a harsh environment, new research carried out at the St Andrews has found.

8 May 2019Research