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‘Animal culture’ reshapes ideas about evolution

Adaptation led by cultural change may shape genetic evolution

24 July 2017Research

Chimps pass on knowledge to the next generation

Apes have ability thought to be unique to humans

1 June 2017Research

Bringing animal cultures to life

Professor Whiten wins RSE Senior Prize for Public Engagement

17 April 2015Awards

Caring and sharing is monkey business

New research reveals chimps and children learn kindness from others

19 January 2015Research

Wild monkeys learn by watching TV

Scientists have found that wild monkeys have the ability to learn new tricks – after watching videos of other monkeys in action.

5 September 2014Research

St Andrews scoop prizes from RSE

Leading academics from the University of St Andrews scooped half of this year’s Royal Society of Edinburgh prizes.

1 April 2014Awards

Monkey business – it’s not what you know, but who you know

Social networks shape monkey “culture”

27 June 2013Research

Culture vultures

Monkeys found to conform to social norms.

25 April 2013Research

Outstanding researcher honoured by leading national body

St Andrews scientist rewarded.

22 March 2013Awards

A question of trust

St Andrews researchers awarded £2.6m to ask ‘the big questions’.

21 January 2013Research