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St Andrews team scoop Life Sciences Award

St Andrews medical scientists have won an award for their breakthrough in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

17 May 2018Awards

MRSA emerged years before methicillin was even discovered

University of St Andrews and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Genome Biology study

20 July 2017Research

SLIC device beats bugs

International award for infection detection invention to be presented at Royal Society

21 November 2016Research

New trials offer hope for TB treatment

St Andrews scientists say international effort yields ‘important’ results

28 October 2016Research

Discovery of bacterial enzyme structure could lead to new antibiotics

St Andrews scientists help crack the puzzle of how streptococcus pneumoniae spreads

1 December 2015Research

Bacteria use chemical harpoons to hold on tight to their hosts

Breakthrough discovery of bacterial “chemical harpoons” is a major step in understanding infections.

2 June 2015Research

Researchers discover Achilles’ heel in drug-resistance bacteria

A team of scientists from the University of St Andrews and University of East Anglia have made a major breakthrough in the race to solve antibiotic resistance.

19 June 2014Research

Superbugs cured by bullfrogs?

University of St Andrews researchers identify potential cure for MRSA.

29 April 2007Research

Superbugs cured by bullfrogs?

Scientists have found a possible cure for MRSA from an unlikely source - American bullfrogs.

29 April 2007Research

Nature’s role in creating cures

The understanding of nature's involvement in a deceptively simple chemical reaction may help in the future development of new antibiotics.

5 October 2005Research