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World’s oldest calendar found in a Scottish field

Researchers believe monument could pre-date previous time-measuring devices.

16 July 2013Public interest stories

Indiana Jones and the snowball of doom

Understanding climate change with Professor F Hoffman.

20 September 2012University news

Experts call for ‘citizen archaeologists’ to help save Scottish coastlines

Leading experts are calling for Indiana Jones-like heroes to help them save heritage sites around Scotland.

13 August 2012Research

Discovering drowned Doggerland

Scientists rebuild image of lost land under the sea.

2 July 2012Research

Digging up the past

Vase-shaped creatures found in Namibian desert may be our earliest ancestors.

8 February 2012Research

Who owns antiquities?

Public lecture to explore debatable ownership of ancient artefacts.

10 May 2010University news

Bronze Age building saved from the sea

Environmental team preserve ancient Shetland site for generations to come.

20 August 2008Public interest stories

Researcher unearths iron age skeleton

Archaeologists have discovered a Shetland burial ground dating back over 2,000 years.

1 November 2005Research

Journey to the bottom of the sea

One of the most important features of Scotland's maritime heritage will be preserved for generations to come as the University of St Andrews reveals the findings of a seven-year journey to the bottom of the sea.

16 March 2000Public interest stories