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Young children use the same gestures as chimpanzees and gorillas

St Andrews scientists have found that young children use the same gestures as chimpanzees and gorillas.

11 September 2018Research

Do daughters pay price of marital strife?

* Average facial images of three groups of young women; left-right: those with separated parents, those with unseparated parents who rated their parents' relationship as poor quality, and those who reported their parents' relationship as good quality. Credit - Perception Lab, University of St Andrews *

23 May 2006Research

Can dogs learn from watching children?

How do animals - ranging from ants and dogs to pigeons and children - learn? Do they rely on traditions? Can they learn from other species?

8 June 2005Research

Wanted! – babies and toddlers

St Andrews psychologists are looking for young minds to take part in a hands-on study into child brain development.

11 March 2004Research