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Beauty and the beholder

Familiar faces breed attraction, according to new research

18 May 2017Research

When the going gets tough…

…men prefer heavier women, according to new research

16 November 2016Research

Why girls who mature early go for masculine men

Women who undergo early puberty prefer masculine men and are likely to want children earlier, according to new research.

14 April 2016Research

Blinded by beauty

Good looks make it impossible for teachers to rate academic performance

19 February 2016Research

Study finds tall 35-year-old men appear more dominant than others

Tall, masculine men aged around 35 are perceived to be most dominant by others, according to new research

19 August 2015Research

Casting the net

Internet access influences who you find attractive, say researchers

10 July 2014Research

In the pink

Why women find men with rosy cheeks attractive.

8 October 2012Research

How rivalries bring out the good side in tough guys

Men who look aggressive and untrustworthy might actually be good guys.

28 May 2012Research

Looking good on greens

Research suggests eating vegetables gives you a healthy tan.

10 January 2011Research

Red in the face

People use the colour of your skin to judge how healthy you are, according to researchers at the University of St Andrews.

1 April 2009Research