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Women know bonnie babies best

St Andrews researchers may finally have found the reason why women are more likely to coo over babies than men.

20 January 2009Research

Like father, like son?

Macho men produce macho sons, according to research.

29 October 2008Research

Why the dating game is taken at face value

New research gives deeper insight into mate attractiveness.

9 April 2008Research

Do daughters pay price of marital strife?

* Average facial images of three groups of young women; left-right: those with separated parents, those with unseparated parents who rated their parents' relationship as poor quality, and those who reported their parents' relationship as good quality. Credit - Perception Lab, University of St Andrews *

23 May 2006Research

King cre-old

CAPTION: Elvis Presley, as he could have looked if he was still alive today. CREDIT: University of St Andrews, Perception Lab

27 August 2003Research

How parents affect our choice of partner

University of St Andrews psychologists have revealed that parents can affect our choice of partner in more ways than one .... by how they look.

31 January 2002Research

European psychology conference

Themes such as 'Children surviving Cancer', 'Scottish female dentists are under-paid and overworked', 'Smoking and cervical Cancer', 'Writing letters can save lives' and 'Does your job affect your diet? will be explored when 500 of the most eminent Psychologists come together in St Andrews this week (5th to 8th September, 2001).

4 September 2001University news