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Chimps learn ‘local customs’

Chimpanzee communities can acquire their own local customs and maintain their own 'multiple-tradition cultures', according to researchers at St Andrews.

Mind – the gap?

How have human attitudes to animals changed over recent decades? Are our human abilities and instincts so very different from those of other animals? University primatologist Professor Andrew Whiten took part in a recent public debate in London which addressed what, if anything, really distinguishes human beings from their fellow creatures.

Chimpanzees play ‘chinese whispers’

* Caption - observational learning by chimpanzees. Each chimpanzee in a chain of up to six learned the method they saw used to open a food box and passed it on to the next chimpanzee. Here a chimpanzee demonstrates the 'lift door' approach. Image by Devyn Carter, Yerkes Center. *