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Scientists leading the way in TB cure

Scottish Scientists have made a key discovery which brings them ever closer to finding a cure for tuberculosis (TB) - the contagious disease which currently affects one third of the population of the planet.

Science minister to visit biomolecular centre

Science Minister Lord Sainsbury will hear of the University of St Andrews' crucial role in fighting infections and searching for new drugs when he visits the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences (CBMS) later this week (Friday 2 November 2001).

£2.3 million to fight disease

University of St Andrews scientists have today been awarded £2.3 million to fight infections and search for new drugs for everything from tuberculosis to foot and mouth disease.

£1 million search for new drugs

The University of St Andrews has been awarded over £1 million to design a new group of drugs for some of the world's most common infections.